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As a designated Area Agency on Aging, SWCAA is a pass through funding source for federal and state dollars for the elderly in the fourteen-town area  of southwestern Connecticut. SWCAA awards grants and contracts to community agencies to provide supportive services for community adults aged 60 and older through an annual Request for Proposals process.

Funded programs provide supportive services to persons aged 60 and older. Priority is given to programs that are able to assist economically and socially disadvantaged seniors. Public, incorporated non-profit, or private for-profit agencies serving seniors within the fourteen-town  area are eligible to apply. Types of services for which funding is available include:

  • Community-based and in-home supportive social services (Title III-B)
  • Evidence-based health promotion services (Title III-D)
  • Family caregiver support services, grandparents raising grandchildren (Title III-E)
  • Congregate and home-delivered meals and nutrition education (Title III-C)