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Provider Relations



SWCAA truly values the hard work and efforts of our CHCP Providers. We make every effort to keep you informed of changes and improvements within the CHCP program so that we continue to serve our clients in the most effective manner. The information provided is designed to help Providers more easily access the forms and instructions they need to do business with SWCAA. Please note, Provider enrollment is no longer facilitated by the Access Agency. Providers interested in enrolling or re-enrolling in the CT Home Care Program must follow the enrollment instructions available at Connecticut Medical Assistance Program.



Questions regarding Provider enrollment-

    • Call Allied Community Resources (860) 627-9500


Questions regarding Provider Number, billing file uploads

    • Call the HP Help Desk at (800) 842-8440


Questions regarding specific claim denials

    • Call SWCAA’s  Hilda Oki at (203) 814-3623




Please note, Providers are responsible to inform SWCAA when a client is unavailable for services. This includes hospitalizations, skilled nursing stays, vacations or any other service break. Claims for dates of service when a client is unavailable should not be billed. Payments for services that are not delivered to the client or unauthorized services may result in audit findings. Any and all changes in condition or concerns regarding the client’s environment should be brought to the care manager’s immediate attention. A list of care managers and regions served is available here for your reference.



The following bulletins provide important information to Providers from HP, SWCAA and the Department of Social Services.

Important Message, May 2017, Hospital Monthly Important Message Updated as of 05/10/2017.

Provider Bulletin 2017-23 May 2017; Electronic Claims Submission, Web Remittance Advice, Check, EFT and 835 Schedule (HUSKY Health and CADAP Programs).

Provider Bulletin 2017-21 May 2017; Prior Authorization Requirements for Certain Custom Wheelchair Components.

Provider Bulletin 2017-18 May 2017; New Personal Care Assistance Procedure Codes added to the ABI Waiver Program and Procedure/Modifier Code Lists added to the ABI and CHC Waiver Programs.

Important Message, April 2017, BHH/TCM/Waiver Billing and BHH/TCM/Waiver and Mental Health Waiver Performing Providers.

Important Message, April 2017, MAPIR will be open and accepting Medicaid EHR Incentive Program attestations for Program Year 2017 after July 2017.

Important Message, April 2017, Claim Adjudication and Electronic Visit Verification.

Important Message, April 2017, Update: Home Health Agency Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Important Updates.

Important Message, April 2017, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Becomes DXC Technology.

Provider Bulletin 2017-12 April 2017; Wheeled Mobility Device Policy, Forms and Related Documents.

Important Message, April 2017, ACA Enhanced Provider Enrollment Requirements – Fingerprint Based Criminal Background Checks.

March 2017,Connecticut Medical Assistance Program Quarterly Newsletter.

Important Message, March 2017, Claim Payment delayed.


Important Message, March 2017, Revised Provider Manual Chapter.

Important Message, March 2017, 24 Hour Live In Guidance Related to 8:00am Check-in/Check-out Policy.

Provider Bulletin 2017-09 March 2017;2017 Dental Fee Schedule HIPAA Compliance Update.

Important Message, March 2017 Hospital Monthly.

Important Message, Updated EVV Implementation Date for Home Health Services.

Important Message, March 2017 Revised Provider Manual Chapter.

Important Message, March 2017 EVV Implementation Overview.

Provider Bulletin 2017-03 March 2017; Important Changes to Evaluation and Assessment Services for Home Health Care Services-Addition of Review of Care Plan Code-G0162.

Important Message, March 2017 CT Medicaid Provider File Request.

Important Message, Feb 2016; Electronic Health Records Incentive Program: Post-Payment Audit Tip Sheets.

Important Message, Feb 2016; Electronic Health Records Incentive Program:Eligible Professionals and Eligible Hospitals Meaningful Use Reporting Period for 2016 and 2017.

Important Message, Feb 2016; Welcome to the Connecticut Medical Assistance Program Electronic Visit Verification Implementation.

Important Message, Feb 2016; EHR Incentive Program: Connecticut’s Medical Assistance Provider Incentive Repository System Upgrade on February 17, 2017 and the Associated DownTime Notification.

Provider Bulletin 2017-06 Feb 2017; Changes to the Prior Authorization Process for Cranial Remodeling Orthoses.

Provider Bulletin 2017-05 Feb 2017; Updated MEDS Fee Schedule Changes.

Provider Bulletin 2017-04 Feb 2017; Changes to the Prior Authorization Process for Continuous Positive Airway
Pressure and Bi-level Positive Airway Pressure devices.

Provider Important Message, Feb 2017; Hospital Monthly Important Message Updated as of 02/08/2017.

Provider Important Message, Jan 2017; EVV Implementation Overview.

Provider URGENT Message, Jan 2017; To All EHR Incentive Program Eligible Professionals seeking to avoid Medicare payment adjustments.

Provider Important Message, Jan 2017; CT Medicaid Provider File Request.

Provider Important Message, Jan 2017; Electronic Visit Verification Implementation.

Provider Important Message, Jan 2017; Hospital Monthly Important Message.

Provider Important Message, Jan 2017: Revised Provider Manual Chapters.

Provider Important Message, Jan 2017: Revised Provider Manual Chapters.

Provider Bulletin 2017-01, Dec 2016; Scope of Practice for Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors – Updated Policy Transmittal.

Important Message, Dec 2016; Elimination of Paper Claims FAQ.

Important Messages, Dec. 2016; Electronic Visit Verification Implementation Status Update.

Provider Bulletin 2016-98, Dec 2016; Electronic Visit Verification Refresher Training Invitation.

Provider Bulletin 2016-95, Dec 2016; 2017 Fee Schedules HIPAA Compliant Update.

Provider Bulletin 2016-94, Dec 2016; 2017 Ambulatory Surgical Centers, Dialysis Clinics, Freestanding Behavioral Health Clinics Fee Schedules HIPAA Compliance Update.

Provider Bulletin 2016-90, Dec 2016; Interpreter Services for Individuals with Limited English Proficiency and Hearing Impairments.

Provider Quarterly Newsletter, Dec 2016.

Provider Bulletin 2016-87, Dec 2016; Reporting Requirements for E-Consultations Performed at Federally Qualified Health Centers.

Important Messages, Dec. 2016; Attention DME Providers – Changes to Claim Submission of Select Incontinence Supplies for Clients with Other Insurance.

Provider Bulletin 2016-84, Dec 2016; January 1, 2017 Changes to the Connecticut Medicaid Preferred Drug List.

Important Messages, Dec. 2016; updated version of the Quality of Care/Quality of Transportation Service Referral Form.

Provider Bulletin 2016-83, Nov 2016; Provider Enrollment Agreement for Project Notify and Health IT Initiatives.

Provider Bulletin 2016-82, Nov 2016; Documentation and Billing Guidelines for Services Performed by Residents.

Important Messages, Nov. 2016; Finalized Implementation Dates for Non-medical and Home Health Services.

Important Messages, Nov. 2016; Release of Claims held in Suspense due to no Care Plan or Service Authorization.

Provider Bulletin 2016-78, Nov 2016; Hospice Rates for Federal Year 2017.

Important Messages, Nov. 2016; Changes in the Reimbursement of Meals under the Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) and Connecticut Home Care Program for Elders (CHCPE) Waiver Programs.

Provider Bulletin 2016-81, Nov 2016; Screening Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment Performed at Federally Qualified Health Centers.

Important Messages, Nov. 2016; Electronic Visit Verification Guidance When Multiple Clients Reside in the Same Household.

Provider Bulletin 2016-65, Oct. 2016; Procedure for Removal of Hospital Lock-In Status and Use of Medicaid Prescription Vouchers for Individuals Released from Correctional Institutions or Through the Courts.

Important Messages, Oct. 2016; A Connecticut Medical Assistance Program Workshop For Home Health Agency Provider.

Provider Bulletin 2016-61, Oct. 2016; Update on Flu Vaccine Availability – Flucelvax (CPT code 90674).

Important Messages, Oct. 2016; Outpatient Hospital Modernization FAQs.

Important Messages, Oct. 2016; Santrax Payor Management System Password Reset.

Important Messages, Oct. 2016; Important EVV Implementation Date Update.

Important Messages, Oct. 2016; New Eligibility System.

Provider Bulletin 2016-66, Oct. 2016; Gender Reassignment Surgery and Procedures.

Provider Quarterly Newletter October 2016.

Important Messages, Oct. 2016; Connecticut Medical Assistance Program Electronic Visit Verification Implementation.

Important Messages, Oct. 2016; Medicaid EHR Incentive Program Patient Encounter List (PEL)–Template for Program Year 2016.

Provider Bulletin 2016-64, Oct. 2016;Electronic Claims Submission, Web Remittance Advice, Check, EFT and 835.


(Older Bulletins)