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National Family Caregiver Program


The National Family Caregiver Program (NFCSP)

NFCSP is a federally-funded Program under the Older Americans Act. The program offers a variety of support services to family caregivers, and/or older individuals who are relative caregivers to anyone over the age of 60.  NFSCP provides temporary relief (respite) to the primary caregiver. There is a 20% suggested donation for the services provided.

Program Description:

A family can receive up to $3,500 in  services every grant year based on the individual needs of the person and available funding. Each caregiver’s needs are individually determined after an in-home assessment conducted by our Respite Care Manger.

What are respite services?

Respite Services can include adult day care, homemakers, home health aides, emergency response systems, home-delivered meals and inpatient short-term care.

Am I eligible?

Caregiver must be caring for a person aged 60 or older.

Supplemental Services

Supplemental Services can be provided on a limited basis to complement the care provided by caregivers. A maximum amount of $750.00 may be applied towards supplemental services based on the individual needs of the person. Higher income individuals above the federal poverty level are also asked to make a suggested donation of 20% towards the cost of the item or services. Again, this is not mandatory.

What are supplemental services?

Examples of supplemental services are  medical supplies such as adult diapers, one time Rx assistance, lift chairs, home modifications (grab bars, ramps), etc.

Decisions regarding the appropriate supplemental services are based on needs as assessed. All reasonable requests will be considered.

To apply for The NFCSP, you may download the application below. Applications may be mailed to:

Kathleen Regan
1000 Lafayette Blvd.
Bridgeport, CT 06604


NFCSP brochure.

NFCSP application.

To discuss your particular situation, learn more about which programs you may qualify for or to apply for services, please call our Respite Care Manager, Kathleen Regan at (203) 333-9288 or (800) 811-9808.

You may also email Kathleen Regan.