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What is Medicaid?
Medicaid is a needs-based program which was created by Congress to help pay for medical care for those aged and disabled persons as well as indigent children and their caregiver relatives who meet strict eligibility criteria. It is jointly financed by the federal and state government and administered through the CT Department of Social Services.  Unlike Medicare, Medicaid applicants must satisfy both the financial and non-financial eligibility requirements

The rules for establishing eligibility for Medicaid vary based on age, family composition and/or disability. For more details visit the following links:ConneCT, 
Medicaid brochure or Department of Social Services.

If you are on Medicaid and need to locate a provider click here: Directory of Providers

Non-Financial Requirements

  • A U.S. citizen or an eligible non-citizen
  • A resident of Connecticut


Financial Eligibility – Asset Limits – only apply for Husky C (asset limits exclude a person’s home that they live in)

  • Single Person $1,600
  • Married Couple $3,200

Financial Eligibility – Income Limits

There are multiple Husky Programs in CT each with their own income limits.

  • Husky A – Medicaid for children under the age of 18 and their parents
  • Husky B – for children only
  • Husky C – for those aged (over 65) , blind and disabled
  • Husky D – Expansion Medicaid (formerly Medicaid for Low Income Adults) for low income adults with income below 138% of federal poverty level.

Select the following link for more information on Monthly Income Guidelines.


“Spend Down” Eligibility

Persons eligible for Husky C  who meet all of the other Medicaid eligibility rules, but whose income is too high are permitted to “spend down” their income to establish Medicaid eligibility for 6 month periods of time. The “spend down” is similar in concept to a deductible amount in health insurance. After the person’s “spend down” has been accomplished and proven, Medicaid will cover the individual’s Medicaid-covered medical care for the rest of the 6 month period.

Community Eligibility – Assets

In CT, the resources (or accumulated wealth) that one may maintain without affecting eligibility for Medicaid (Title 19) benefits while living at home are:

  • A home
  • Personal assets (cash, bank accounts, stocks, bonds) up to a total value of no more than $1,600 for an individual and $2,400 for married couples
  • An allowance toward funeral and burial expenses (including a burial fund, life insurance, etc.) the total value of which may not exceed $1,200 or a $5,400 irrevocable contract with a funeral home.
  • The value of one burial plot per individual applicant

The health care services funded by Medicaid are extensive.

Nursing Home Coverage Under Medicaid

Medicaid will pay for nursing home costs under certain circumstances. Medicaid is often considered as a payment source when it appears that a nursing facility placement may be long-term.

For married couples, the financial eligibility rules differ in some important and favorable ways. “Spousal impoverishment prevention” address the issue of assets and income of the spouse remaining in the community. These “spousal impoverishment” rules are lengthy, complex and are individualized depending on the situation.

For some Questions and Answers about applying for Medicaid to pay for Long-term care or Homecare. English PDF.

For some Questions and Answers about applying for Medicaid to pay for Long-term care or Homecare. Spanish PDF.

Medicaid for Low Income Adults (HUSKY D)

HUSKY D is administered by the CT Dept. of Social Services and is for low-income adults under the age of 65.   It is open to CT residents aged 18-64, who do NOT receive federal SSI or Medicare and who are not pregnant.  Income limits have been expanded to 138% of the Federal Poverty Level in CT as a result of the Affordable Care Act. Income is based on someone’s modified adjusted gross income (MAGI).   Individuals that wish to apply for Husky D can apply through Access Health CT.

Medicaid Application Process

Applications for Medicaid can be downloaded on the CT DSS site: ConneCT   or by calling The Benefits Center at 855-6-CONNECT or by calling CHOICES at 800-994-9422

You can download an application here.

Or you can contact the DSS office nearest to you:

  • CT Department of Social Services, 925 Housatonic Avenue Bridgeport CT 06604, 203-551-2700 or toll free 877-551-2700
  • CT Department of Social Services, 1642 Bedford Street Stamford CT 06905, 203-251-9323 or toll free 866-663-9300
  • Visit CT Elder Law or contact Connecticut Legal Services (CLS) at (203) 336-3851 or (800) 809-4434 in Bridgeport. CLS has a number of good publications regarding Medicaid and other issues of importance to senior adults.
  • Contact your attorney for individualized Medicaid issues or the local Connecticut Bar Association if you do not have an attorney.
  • Contact the CHOICES program at your local Area Agency on Aging (800) 994-9422. The CHOICES program is the designated State Health Insurance Program for CT. It is funded by the federal Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Information services are free of charge.

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